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Home Stakes are high in Washington. Whether in the form of federal regulations, court rulings, executive mandates, or congressional actions, decisions made in our Nation's Capital have far-reaching consequences.  Success in Washington requires comprehension of the factors that influence those actions:  the people and the process.

People:  Strong relationships with Members of Congress and their staffs give our principals‑and thus our clients‑access to Capitol Hill.  We develop and maintain key contacts within the Executive Branch and federal agencies.

Process:  We not only know the lawmakers, but we also understand the dynamics of the legislative process.  Political opportunities and constraints shape outcomes in Washington.  We work with our clients to establish achievable goals and to craft arguments that key audiences will understand.  By helping clients analyze short- and long-term political realities, we formulate successful advocacy campaigns to achieve our clients&apos policy objectives.

Our bipartisan team effectively charts a course to help our clients navigate the Washington scene.  Whatever the venue, we understand the dynamics of the political process and the motives of policymakers, enabling us to develop the appropriate legislative strategy for our clients.

Our specific services include:

≫ Strategy and message development

≫ Direct contact with Members of Congress and Congressional staff

≫ Coordination of advocacy campaigns, including Congressional and Executive activity

≫ Material preparation:  testimony, press releases, legislation, e-mail alerts

≫ Hearing preparation/witness training

≫ Regulatory advocacy

≫ Grassroots/grasstops advocacy
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